Sunday, 22 November 2009


Ok, every good geek, or potential geek should know their way around a zombie movie  (and have at least one Zombie plan...if only as a homage to that Red v Blue episode, I have case of Zombie attack!).  I'm not quite sure why specifically this genre of horror/survival horror is so synonomous with geek, but I have a fair idea that the resident evil series of games may have something to do with it.  Now if you aren't massive on Zombie movies, and don't fancy going back to the old skool classics (although I would recommend the "of the dead" series, and Evil Dead trilogy), and you just want to be able to G33k it up out and about on the town this is a great movie to get to know, and be able to talk about.  I would say it's reception in England was kinda quiet really...I don't remember anyone I know going to see it, or at least talking about it afterwards (oh and as a warning - if you do go out on the town and people are chatting about this, you will also need to have seen Shaun of the Dead, as a point of reference...that will be talked about also!!)...

So I have recently had this as my personal viewing pleasure... as usual this is your SPOILER WARNING...just in case I give too much away...

Personally I thought this was GREAT, a great Zombie movie, with some great comedy in their as well!  There's some really lovely ideas in their as touches that bring about some real loveliness in this film...although  I wasn't personally too thrilled with the whole "teeny-bop" American "geek meets hot girl" love's starting to get a bit cliché now.  Although maybe the only chance I'd have of getting a girl that hot is if we were the last 5 people left after a massive Zombie infestation...but that's not the point!

I really love the whole ongoing idea throughout the film of the "rules" that Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) lives was a great opening to bring these in, and a great bit of tongue waggling at the clichés of some of the classic zombie movies!  Number 1: Cardio (when the virus struck, for obvious reasons the first ones to go...were the fatties!!), Number 2: Double Tap (in those moments when you're not sure the undead are really dead, don't get all stingy with your more clean shot to the head!), (Don't let them catch you with your pants down) Number 3: Beware of Bathrooms!  I'm not going to go through each rule within this film and say what it relates to, but as you can no doubt guess, all the classic zombie movies have people who aren't fast enough...who get eaten in a toilet...and even you surely remember the results of not making sure you killed that zombie in the resident evil games...he'd start knawing on your ankles until you kicked his head off!  I also like "Always check the back seat"!! These rules are littered throughout the movie, and pop up here and there.  It's always quite fun when they come out!

Later on in the movie Columbus teams up with rock-hard redneck Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson)...Now I love Woody, and he is great in this movie.  He is a zombie killing machine...however he is pipped to the post for Zombie kill of the week by a very clever nun!!  Which brings me to this, there is some REALLY lovely zombie killing in this movie, whether it is shooting them all up with a uzi (and then squishing them all up with a SUV...for the double tap!), to ringing the bell outside a shop...waiting for the zombie to come running out and then blowing it's head clean off, to the Zombie Kill of the Week...there is some really nice stuff!  Anyway, Tallahassee doesn't seem to have a massive plan on what to do or where to fact it seems his main aim is to just get a twinkie!  So the two of them stop at a supermarket (I liked the little tipping of hat to Deliverence here as well)...where they meet up with the two girls.

After much...side plots, all 4 of them team up, and go to Bill Murray's house!!  Bill Murray has a nice Cameo part in this film, but I do love that guy so much!! I think he's ace!! :oD  The girl's plan was to go to Pacific Playland...a theme park in America...lord knows why.  After a night in Bill Murray's house, the girls get up sneak off to Pacific Playland ("That place mind" - Tallahassee...Lolz!)...and then there ends up a massive shootout etc in the themepark (with yet more and more awesome Zombie deaths!!)

This film all in all is GREAT fun...different to Shaun of the Dead, more typically American humour...less subtle, more in your face kinda stuff...but REALLY REALLY fun and probably as good, if not better!  It's a definate must see for all fans of the Zombie movies, all fans of comedy movies, and all geeks!!  The acting is great, the scripting is great, there's some fun graphics, some brilliant'll have you in stitches, and terrified all at the same time!!

Please, please don't miss this movie! It's fab...!

Muchos Love, and Peace out!



  1. I absolutley agree! Loved the Bill Murray cameo as well!

  2. Hey thanks for popping by! Bill Murray was great...his massive exhale had me in stiches!! :oD
    Hope to see you back here sometime!

  3. I haven't watched many zombie movies, but I have played Doom a few times.

  4. Hi CCOL4HIM -- sorry it's taken so long to welcome you to the blog! Zombie movies are should get involved!

    Thanks for popping along, and I hope you enjoy your stay!