Sunday, 8 November 2009

Girl Number 9...a review

Sorry posts are sporadic at the moment, it's a busy time for me, but I'll keep updating as and when I have time.  Keep coming back guys, and thanks for all the support.

Right,  the "Girl Number 9" mini-series found at has now finished and these are my general feeling about it.

I'll start with a brief overview of the full program so there may be some spoilers warned (but I won't go into too much detail).

Essentially the cops have caught a child killer, and they are in the process of interrogation, and trying to get enough proof to send the guy to prison for a long time.  During the initial interrogation, the guys gives them details of a website, and a special code for them to plug into the site.  Upon doing so the website starts streaming a video of a girl in a warehouse somewhere, all chained up, with a timer counting down.  The idea of the story is whether or not the cops will find them in time...sort of (but I don't want to give too much away!)

So what do I think about this series?  All in all it was pretty good, and I'd definately recommend anybody to give it a watch, especially since it isn't a massive waste of time.  Each episode is ranges from about 3 - 6 minutes in length so watching the full 6 episodes only takes about half an hour.  The acting is great, Garath David-Lloyd was truely great to watch, and OMG Joe Absolom who played the child killer was truely brilliant, absolutely terrifying, aboslutely believable, truely was a masterful performance.  You can't just rely on good acting for this kind of thing though, you really need the scripting to be spot on, and I will tell you the scripting was truely marvellous!

For once though, I'm not saying just truely positives about something I'm reviewing...I actually have a few negative points to tell you.  When a "series" is so short, it's easy to get problems that just stick out like a sore thumb...even if they aren't massive problems.  The opening minute of the first episode annoyed me a little bit, too much unnecessary swearing.  Also the episodes were too short really...I think maybe 10 minutes per episode would have been fine really, but the problem with a 3 or 5 minute episode is that you'll just be getting into it, when it stops.  It doesn't REALLY give you enough time to get emotionally integrated with the plot, if it is finishing as soon as you get any kind emotive response...

Oh and just briefly, as for's not entirely original an idea.  It definately (well to me) seems to just be a bit of a mixture between the original Saw movie, and the movie Untraceable...not that that's necessarily a bad thing, it's just worth mentioning really.

Finally, I'm not going to give the ending away, but the final episode (number 6) fell a bit flat for me.  The 1st 5 episodes were...more or less, great, and then the final episode was ust a bit disappointing really, and I think that's a shame.  The ending should have been really emotional, or exciting...or anything really, and it just sort of...petered off, and that just disappointed me.

All in all the the series was pretty good, and because of it's length, it is definately worth a watch.  It's still available to stream from  The "play" section should also be up and running soon as well...which could be quite fun!

Anyhow...hopefully you've enjoyed the update, and I will try and do another one shortly! And if you watch Girl Number 9 I hope you enjoy it!

Muchos Luvos!


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