Friday, 30 October 2009

Girl Number 9: can YOU save her (

It came to my attention that there was a web-thriller which started tonight, and is running for 6 episodes as far as I am aware. Coming out tonight (30th October) and then coming out 2nd November until 6th November inclusive. Therefore at 9pm tonight, when the first 5 minutes episode came out, I decided to have a looksie.

First of all, I don't have a particular bad network connection or particularly bad laptop but it was only after 30 seconds of stuttering and lag, I noticed that there was a HD button in the top corner, which said it was on. I figured I don't really need HD for my laptop, turned it off and it worked fine...just a little warning in case anyone else gets that problem.

Now the first think I can say about the actual “webisode” (and don't get me wrong they do warn before that it is for viewers 15+ only) is that the first 3 lines of dialogue dropped the each line. Now I'm no prude, I just don't see the point in swearing for the sake know...swearing I guess.

Now I must admit though, after saying ^ that...I did quite enjoy the first episode, it set the scene nicely, I enjoyed the dialogue, and I'm hoping it gets better. It's a great little “cat and mouse” idea, drawing from movies such as Saw and Untraceable, but setting them in a more...realistic atmosphere

The cast are pretty good though and include Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones – Torchwood), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Doctor Who, Eastenders) and Joe Absolom (Doc Martin, Personal Affars).

There's a “play-along” gaming element to the show, which...doesn't seem to have much going for it at the moment (either it's not playing yet; or I don't know what I'm doing!)

Definitely worth a watch, and I hope that the ending is as good as the beginning, the potential storyline is pretty exciting...expect to hear my final views about this on November the 6th. Until then, catch up and watch the episodes yourself at

Much Love


  1. Damn it, I would have loved to watch it! I'm a fan of thriller or horror series...:( --The Internet connection at my house is so bad that it takes me about 2 hours to see a three-minute long video on youtube!

    Hope the rest is going to be as good!


  2. Hey Sarah, thanks for popping by and following! The series was mostly great! I hope you read my follow up after it finished! :)
    Ciao! x