Thursday, 22 October 2009

SOLID GOLD: Spandau Ballet (The Reformation Tour)

SWEEEEEEEEEET! Went to the o2 last night in god ol' London town, with my Sis to watch day 2 of Spandau Ballet's 3 nights at the o2. Thought I'd just let you guys know what I thought:

Despite being the youngest people there (by a minimum of a decade), I really enjoyed this concert, and I mean REALLY enjoyed it – I spent the whole night throwing shapes like it was still 1985. The concert started with a big screen in front of the stage, and projected onto it was video clips of Spandau Ballet in their hayday, all spliced together, with music then towards the end the band name was projected onto the top, and a light shone onto the screen making it translucent, and there the boys were behind the screen, posing, all shone up with spot was wonderful!

Now, I was too excited at this point, and thinking back now I can't remember what song they started with. I think it was “To cut a long story short”, followed by “The Freeze”...but I could well be wrong.

What can I say about the boys then, Tony Hadley looks smart, all suited and booted, and boy can he sing still. He has got an absolutely fabulous voice, and great energy. The Kemp's looked to be enjoying themselves, all of them grinning, jigging about on stage! The saxophonist still blows great as well, oh and the drummer....he was definitely drumming (although there was a dodgy drum solo during Gold...pure dodge...).

About 3 years ago I saw Tony Hadley with my (now-ex) girlfriend. Where did I see him, I hear you ask. He was playing at the Darlington Civic Centre, a venue which holds maybe 500 the very most. So it was no surprise to me at all, to see Tony getting a bit emotional in the middle of the gig...he even had a bit of a cry!

They played all their classics as far as I can remember, apart from Musclebound, and songs like Lifeline, Communication, Chant No. 2, To Cut a Long Story Short flowed out of them so easily, you wouldn't have believed that they had been away for so long now.

But the true test of character comes from your big songs...and BOY were they big. True was just so very good (I almost did a little cry, but held it together!!!), and Through the Barricades was just emotional. Sung, performed and played with true depth and feeling, it was great. At the encore, Gary and Martin Kemp came out a little more suitably attired (Gary in a Denim Vest Jacket, Martin in a Leather Vest Jacket), and Gold was just AWESOME! Truly, truly AWESOME.

The concert was being recorded (presumably all three days are) – DVD is due for release on November 30th...if you like live music DVDs I'd say it'll probably be a must have...the concert was incredible, and incredible fun!

Oh and if you're reading this and you happen to be the woman who turned round and shhhh'd me and my sister because we were singing to loud...don't be such a misery guts all your life!

Tony Hadley at one point in the conert said “London, it's good to be home”, I say Tony, it's good to have you back, you have been missed!

Muchos Lovos


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