Sunday, 18 October 2009

Opening Gambit...!

Horsey to A3! Maveric of me I know!

Ok, I don't have a chessboard with me, nor am I an avid chess player particularly, but off the top of my head I think (and hope) that's a valid move, and therefore should have the chess fans onside immediately!

I've been thinking for a while how I should go about opening this blog, starting it off...that kind of thing - what should my opening gambit be.  So I've thought to myself, "What is the point of my blog?", "What do I want to achieve?", and "Will anyone even see the sodding thing anyway?!".

I have decided it's fairly unlikely that there's going to be a huge amount of traffic to this blog, so I decided not to get too bogged down in the formalities - and just go with what comes to mind.

So what is the point of this blog? - well if you are reading this now (and you are in fact not me) - that is a good question to pose.  Quite simply I am a geek - not in the traditional sense, I don't own a thick pair of glasses, or a pocket protector.  I do not constantly have a calculator in my pocket to settle calculus based arguments, and nor do I particularly remember a lot of the calculus that I did learn back during my A-Levels.  However I will soon be holding 2 degrees and 2 postgraduate qualification, love all things comic, fantasy, and sci-fi, and just last night played a game (during a power cut mind you) with a couple of friends to see if we could name (taking it in turns) Marvel and DC superheroes/vilains starting with A and ending with Z.  We got stuck on Q, Y and Z (now I've had time to think about it though Quicksand, Yellow Claw and Zarek would have all been fine!)

For too long though has "Geekdom" been seen as a bad thing! I am in my early 20s at the moment, and finally celebrating my Geek.  So what is the point of this blog?  It is to celebrate all things geek!!

I have not fully decided what my first major post will be as of yet - but I have been party to the Final Fantasy XIII video preview recently - so I may have a bit of chat about that.  I would like to review movies, talk about comics and generally have fun, inform people about things that interest me (and hopefully you - the reader!).

This will not be a blog which takes itself too seriously - but an informal chat to anyone who is interested in the kind of things that excite me.

I will be more then welcome to take any kind of recommendations from anyone about what I should be reading, watching or generally what is happening in the world of geek.  I'll have a look and maybe scribble a few words regarding my thoughts and feelings on this blog.

If you think this kind of thing may interest you - subscribe - we could have fun! :o)

Muchos Lovos to you all!


  1. You had me at Final Fantasy...

    Look forward to reading more and please feel free to spill the beans about said FF preview, although it causes me physical pain because I will have to buy a PS3 or an Xbox... ;)

    Clair :)

  2. Great first post. Keep it up!

    Once you have a few more under your belt, you'll have an easier time picking up followers.

  3. Hello,

    I just started a blog this month. I really like the plan of just letting your blog wonder, maybe for ever. just a bit of everything, as long as it is honest, it will have a common thmeme - you.

    all the best mark

  4. don't worry about followers..We are all geeks of one form or another...I'll surely be dropping in to see what's goin on here...

  5. Hey guys thanks for the awesome words of encouragement!

    Clair, I'm gonna take another looksie at the video preview now, and take a few notes - should be blogworthy within the next couple of hours!

    Thanks again guys!
    Muchos Love!

  6. Woohoo! Can't wait! See, there's my geek right there. Thanks for commenting and I lol'd at the words 'brain pan'!

  7. haha! Brain Pan = awesome! :oP