Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'm still alive!! Alternate top 3 g33k films!

Hey world, sorry not updated for a while, so here is a little update today just so you know I'm still around! Been totally swamped with my postgrad course at the moment so not had masses of time to watch/read anything to review or anything else like that.  Today is going to be a list day! I was going through my DVD collection and there are some absolute corkers in there, some little known gems that some people may not have had the chance to see, I'm not going to do full reviews about these movies, just a brief description, hopefully you might get interested in a couple :o)
BTW do NOT expect Star Wars/Star Treks, or major g33k films to be in here, this is an alternative list, do not be a hater because Tron isn't number 1! :oP

Number 1: "Cyborg She":

The ultimate Geek date movie, Cyborg She is a touching movie about a lonely student called Jiro.  The day he turns 20 he is out on his own, at a restaurant when suddenly a beautiful young lady turns up.  They spend a few hours together, and he has one of the best days of his life.  However his happiness doesn't last, and she leaves him after a few hours.  One year later, he is alone again, spending his birthday in the restaurant and yet again this lady turns up; and one of the strangest love stories begin to unfold
This is a truely beautiful film, well directed, well made.  Poignant but lovely!  Watch it with your special geek lady!

Number 2, "Dark City":

John Murdoch wakes up in a strange hotel, to find out that he is wanted for a string of call-girl murders.  Most of his memories have disappeared, he can't even remember his wife; he embarks on a strange journey to try and unravel his past, and get his memories back.
Great directions, and great acting in this film.  It has been said that The Matrix got some of it's best ideas from this movie.  Keep an eye out for Richard O'Brien as well, that guy is a legend!

Number 3: "Kung Pow: Enter The Fist":

A legendary warrior wanders the land in the search of the murderous Master Pain in order to avenge the murder of his family.
This film is absolutely ridiculous, and something I wish I'd had the comedic talent to come up with.  The writer/director Steve Oedekerk has inserted new scenes, and redubbed an old kung-fu film, and even managed to insert himself into the film.  The result is a hugely funny movie! A total must see!

I might add some more to this list at some point, but in the meantime get your asses in gear and watch these movies!!! 3 different films, 3 different genres!! :oP Go get 'em!

Much Love


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